Sand Raiders, Session 3

K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Fifthover 25th

Name Level Played by XP
Channe 2 Jenn 258
Vistna the Clanless 1 – 2 Kevin 258
Kindrok 1 – 2 Anthony 1161
Korvin 1 – 2 Anthony 1161
Quistine Silentall 1 – 2 Sarah 258
Will of the Wastes 1 – 2 Matt 258
Suldin 1 DM

1 Did not participate in Elf-eating Kestrekels

Dark sun campaign setting coverHaving been trapped by the lumbering half-giant Kindrok, Vistna’s hands were tied behind his back. Suldin asked the rest of the adventurers to give them a moment. Channe, Quistine, and The Will talked with the caravan workers who told them that they needed to get back to their shipment or that Rhotan would be greatly displeased. While Quistine and The Will left to assist them, Channe had other plans. Peering down the spiraling staircase, a nasty surprise took the form of a spear in her side.

The quarrel at the other end of the chamber between Suldin and the now muzzled Vistna abruptly ended as Vistna quickly moved to assist the foolish mammal. The small reptile showed slightly more sense as he once again demonstrated which end of his spear was sharp. Channe returned its blows, but she was clearly outmatched. Vistna, moving with unnatural speed, pushed Channe out of his way and an electric burst blew off his muzzle as he grabbed the creature’s head in his jaws. The reptilian munchkin, having seen the might of his larger cousin, quickly surrendered. Hearing the din below, the rest of the adventurers came down to see what was happening.

Suldin, having realized the utility and bravery of the dray, released the leather binding Vistna’s hands. Vistna and the lizard maintained a conversation in an odd hissing language as the spy Korvin and his brutish buddy began to search the breathless corpses for treasure. Vistna also took a moment to join in their hunt for goods. Channe, undeterred by her past experiences involving wandering off alone and nearly dying, slipped past the small reptile to see what was at the bottom of the staircase. She was shocked to find a large metal door, locked by a lost technology of ages past. Channe tried to communicate her discovery to the others who ignored her as Vistna decided that the lizard was no longer of use.

Korvin, having been frightfully intimidated by Vistna’s obvious superiority against their now deceased combatant, decided to run away down the stairs. He quickly discovered that Channe had been yelling up to them but was more interested by the fact that he might shortly be rich. The rest of the party joined them downstairs but Quistine, Suldin, and The Will had no interest in the discovery and went to the cart to assist the caravan workers.

As The Will and Quistine reached the caravan, they realized they had been preemptively outwitted by their lizard-like friend. Quistine decided to go back to find the clearly missing wheel. Meanwhile, the rest of the team tried unsuccessfully to open the door through attacking it with brute force and lightning. When Quistine arrived, a fight broke out between her and Vistna over whether she should leave with the wheel. Channe intervened, having Quistine agree to open the door in exchange for the wheel. The door open, Korvin, Channe, and Kindrok entered as Vistna held back to further molest the halfling.

As the adventurers entered the locked room, part of the ceiling collapsed on them in an apparent trap set for interlopers. Being barely injured, the party, including Vistna, searched the room. Finding nothing of interest, the team began to dig out the last door which had a large pile of collapsed rubble in front of it. Their effort was not in vain as they found a locked metal and wooden chest. Attempting to open the chest, they failed miserably, but as Kindrok lifted it, the bottom broke out, showing its contents as a magic wand. Korvin took the wand, to the dismay of Vistna, whose complaints were ignored by his obviously annoyed companions. Kindrok then tried to pry off the door but realized that it was exceptionally well constructed. Everybody left the buried tower and joined their companions who had successfully replaced the wheel and harnessed the notoriously tricky kank. Together, they headed back for Altaruk.

Arriving in Altaruk, Rhotan Vor greeted the party displaying both surprise and delight that they had recovered his goods. Birk appeared to insanely inform the characters that they were traitors against Kalak or some other such nonsense only to sneak away and inform others of the same. Korvin, seeming very interested to speak with Birk, hurried off after him only to lose the crafty dwarf to the crowd. The caravan workers quickly began to unpack the goods per their employer’s request. Quistine would have none of that, as she jumped on the first crate they attempted to unload and demanded to see Aristphistaneles prior to any arrangements being made. Rhotan realized his critical mistake and paid each of the adventurers their promised wages, which Quistine denied as she continued to be a general pain. Channe attempted to ameliorate the circumstances, but to no avail as the strong-willed halfling held her ground. Channe, giving up, decided to join Vistna over a pitcher of broy, which they happily shared with the clearly distraught caravan workers. Even a contingent of the Altaruk guard led by Korvald were unable to pacify Quistine until Aristphistaneles himself showed up to end the dispute. He then told the team of a meeting the next day. Kistna then defeated Channe in a drinking contest, maintaining a common thought that he must have an exceptionally small phallus (or cloaca, no judgements) as he obviously needs to prove that he is better than everybody.

The next morning, Aristphistaneles informed the team that Kalak was pushing for the completion of his Ziggurat by enslaving as many people as possible. The adventurers are to assist Vistna in bringing the amulets to a Veiled Alliance member in Tyr so that he can explain how to best destroy the Ziggurat. The team was given two days to do as they pleased, and upon completion they headed out on the road towards Tyr.

As the unforgiving sun beat down upon their heads, the party noticed a group of carrion birds along the path. Quistine and Channe became curious about what they were eating while Vistna encouraged them to ignore it and go on their way. Yinward was summoned and pushed its way through the beasts to show the face of a familiar elven battlemind. The birds, disturbed by the fact that the spirit had pushed them from their meal began to attack the party. Vistna leashed out at them en masse with lightning and powerful pyschic shock waves. Quistine ineffectually shot down a few using her short bow and Channe was equally useless as she was unable to harm more than a few birds in the huge swarm. The Will used Yinward to effectively keep his team-mates safe from the blood craving avians. In the end, most of the birds dead, the remaining swarm flew away to save itself. Looking at the body, the party learned that Ulieth had been killed by a knife wound to his back and they all lived happily ever after…until another session began where the dungeon master attempted to kill them all and Vistna tried to kill Korvin again.

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Wavir Cargo: 500 XP
Beneath the Broken Tower: 200 XP
Elf-eating Kestrekels: 568 XP



Enchanted Amulets (major quest): Hand over the amulets to the Veiled Alliance contact in Tyr.


Wasteland Outcasts


Wavir Cargo


  • Time needs updated with session time, not post time.
  • Needs a little editing.
  • Damn you for spelling Arisphistaneles’ name the way I had incorrectly spelled it on his NPC page…it’s fixed now. Just link it instead of typing it and it’ll be right. :)
  • I had to look up cloaca… hehe
  • I think Suldin, not Arisphistaneles, told you of the meeting.
  • Is it Kistna or Vistna? Pick one.
  • The stated purpose of the amulets is to slow the construction of, not destroy, the Ziggurat. Vistna’s job is to explain how to emplace them to best effect.
  • Is Yinword spelled correctly? Perhaps he needs a character page.
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Sand Raiders, Session 3
  1. Needs a little editing.
  2. Arisphistaneles is misspelled.
  3. I think Suldin, not Arisphistaneles, told you of the meeting.
  4. “Kistna” should be “Vistna”.
  5. The stated purpose of the amulets is to slow the construction of, not destroy, the Ziggurat. Vistna’s job is to explain how to emplace them to best effect.
Sand Raiders, Session 3
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