Freedom, Session 20

Name Level Played by Luck
Mina 3 Soarcha83
Haaku Uaari 3 Madrius
Marc 2 dom_the_tiedied
Kindrok 2 foddernuclear
Varis 3 Gary

The Battle Continues

The guards move warily towardsMarc and their fallen leader. Mina threatens them, telling them to move along. Marc seems hesitant to give up his Templar trophy. Mina tells Marc to make sure the Templar is dead, but when he tries to spear Terric through the throat, the guard places a spear under Marc’s chin. Mina gives them one last warning, the guard moves to stab Marc, and the fight is back on.

Marc is stabbed by all three guards and falls to the ground on top of the dead templar. Mina is stabbed in the back, and as she spins to meet his attack she stumbles and misses. Varis runs up to the guard attacking Mina, and a disembodied hand pulls the guard towards him, and Varis non-spectral hand punches the guard in the back of the head with his other hand, leaving the guard on his back on the ground.

As Haaku and the water elemental move forward, the elemental breaks off a piece of water and it flows over Mina, cleansing her wounds, and reinvigorating her. Kindrok charges forward into one of the guards attacking Marc, at which point all three guards hit Kindrok, and Kindrok goes down. Mina and Varis attack one guard viciously until the guard gurgles blood from his throat and dies. Haaku moves in to help Kindrok, pulling the moisture from the guards’ bodies, leaving them parched and weakened. The water pulled from the guards is redirected to Kindrok, allowing him to regain his strength and stand. Kindrok stands up, knocks one of the guards out of the way, but still, the three guards stab Kindrok again. With Kindrok and Marc down, Mina and Haaku rally to save their friends, and Mina calls to the steady stream of slaves coming from the pens for aid. In a wave, they come surrounding the guards and beat the guard Mina has skewered on the ground.

Mina roars in rage and swipes down, cutting his head halfway off. Mina directs the slaves to the two remaining guards. The slaves kill one of the remaining guards. The last guard is lying prone on the ground. Marc stands up, reaches out, and the last guard bleeds from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth, until his head explodes in a shower of disturbing gore. {Milestone.} Kindrok smashes in Terric’s head with a hammer, and Mina directs the slaves to get out as soon as possible.

Mina and Haaku go back into the pens to see if they can get more aid. They smell burning flesh, and hear frightening sounds. They duck into the kitchens as Marc mentally contacts Haaku to tell him guards are coming. Haaku’s face drains of all color and he looks at Mina and says “Guards are coming. Did you say something about the animal pens?” Mina nods, and Haaku thinks back to Marc “animal pens.” Haaku and Mina dart out of the kitchens to see 50 guards coming their way, and they all head, at full speed, towards the animal pens. Several guards break off to give chase.

Haaku preys to water, Varis throws detritus in the way of the guards, Kindrok runs like a beast, Mina dodges and weaves to confuse the guards, and Marc saps them of motivation. Our heroes make it to the pens, but only just ahead of the pursuing guards.

Mina barks out quick commands, tells some people to go to the back to release the animals in the rear cages, two others should take the front. When the guards walk in, the cages are opened from the back to the front, and the idea is that the animals will come out and go towards the guards. Varis releases the fire beetles, who warily go over to the guards, and spray them with fire. Mina mentally cheers, as the fire beetles do a great job going after the guards. The drakes don’t go quite as well. Kindrok is bathed in acid, and falls to the ground, Haaku’s water elemental flows over to him and rinses the acid off of him. Varis tries to rescue Kindrok and gets an acid bath himself. Mina gets a chunk taken out of her by the caged Baazrag, and then runs over to Varis and Kindrok. She throws Kindrok out of the path of the drakes. All but one beetle are slain by the guards, and that one remaining beetle runs away. Mina is attacked by the guards, but grabs Varis and manages to move back away from the guards. Marc takes out three of the guards. Kindrok wakes up, jumps over the stream of acid and gets to Mina and the now conscious Varis. The last guard begins to give chase when he suddenly stops, looks towards the Baazrag, and slowly walks, as if enchanted, towards the animal’s cage. The fire beetle, who has been steadily moving toward a rear door, climbs up the wall, makes a clicking sound, and opens the door and exits.

The door opens onto the edge of the brickyards, coated in nettle and heaps of bricks. Varis locks the door. Kindrok pushed ahead and clears a path for the rest. Varis handily levitates, dodges, and weaves through obstacles. Mina helps Marc and Haaku up and over any remaining piles of rubble. Marc leads them in a nicely confusing path to avoid likely tracking. All looks well when they get out of the slave area entirely and into a fairly unsavory part of the city. Unfortunately, no one can quite figure out where to go, and when they encounter a citizen on the street, Mina’s attempt to convince him to let them go without notice fails. The citizen looks suspicious, and he runs to alert the templars of the escaped slaves.


Calion Soarcha83

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