Freedom, Session 5

These are the bare notes we’ve got for this session. Anyone who was there, please help flesh this out.

  • Arranged with Ander to trap Vistna in an entrance to Undertyr
  • Ander planned to poison Vistna. Quistine could not wait
  • Stringy monkey hugs
  • Left Vistna’s things in the entrance, thieves came and took it
  • Vistna tried to bribe Kindrock. Then tried to hurt Kindrock. Kindrock did not enjoy it.
  • Korvin convinced Vistna to meet with the Veiled Alliance. Korving gets drunk and impatient while waiting, ends up climbing over the bar and peeing on things.
  • Quistine frees Vistna.
  • Vistna is rightfully punctured.


Calion Calion

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