Freedom, session 6

K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 15th - Midday

With Vistna dead in Tyr’s warrens and the rest of the party happily quaffing brunch, things are looking good for the rugged and ragged individuals known as Kindrock, Korvin, Quistine, and Ander. In an attempt to find their way into the Veiled Alliance, Kindrock, to much the surprise of the party, provides some insight into a possible path to the covert sorcerers. Kindrock used to be employed by Suldin—a Veiled Alliance member— and Kindrock recalls that Suldin’s father knew of his son’s involvement with the society. With this information tickling Korvin’s brainpan with the promise of secrets, and Ander’s eyes filled with the promise of jink to come, the party sets out to Suldin’s house to find the way into the Veiled Alliance.

Then a Mul gets in the way.

A Mul guard of <<douchey>> pushes Quistine into a fruit stall, and the Mul guard claims he did this to protect his charge from assault. <<douchey>> yells at Korvin, who is garbed as a Templar, to arrest the wee assassin-to-be. Korvin responds with a “No.” He proceeds to straighten the fruit cart and asks <<douchey>> to pay for the damage his slave caused. <<douchey>>, unamused by Korvin’s forthrightness and sense of practical justice, is happy to see the proper authorities arrive just in time to inject some of their bureaucratic nefariousness into the situation.

When asked for his name, Korvin stupidly gives it, while the rest of the part scurries in different directions. Ander melts into the crowd, and Quistine and Kindrock mosey over to a nearby alley. The Templars demand that Korvin comes with them, and Korvin responds by trotting off. One of the Templars then crushes Korvin in an arcane cage, and Quistine and Kindrock bolt. Kindrock takes to the rooftops, bounding across gaps between houses and easily getting away in a few giantish strides. Quistine climbs into a small apartment, but is beset by the Templar’s half-giant guardsmen that follow her inside. Ander helps out the party by stealthily eliminating a templar and a guardsmen with poisoned blades, allowing him and Korvin to escape.

Quistine has yet to be seen since…


  • Session 6.
  • Douchey=Senator Verrasi of Minthur. Verrasi for short.
  • Wait…Korvin escaped? I thought for sure he was captured…
  • I’ve moved the bullet notes to Session 5. I’ll help flesh them out when I get a moment.
  • Obviously this could use some cleaning up: Session date, cast list, etc.
  • Thanks, Anthony! You’re our log-keeping hero.
Freedom, session 6

Wasn’t it Kindrok who straightened the fruit cart?

Freedom, session 6
Calion Calion

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