Freedom, Session 7

Ander Varros tucked himself away safely into the bard’s quarter after escaping the mess at Shadow Square. Kindrok, realizing he was alone, decided to continue on with the original plan, hoping the others would join him. He headed to the house that Suldin once lived in. Once he found it he was disappointed to not get any information. He headed back to Korvin’s house to wait for the others.

Time passed and no one came. He reasoned that Ander must be in his tiny room across town, so that is where he went. The two paired up, both with no information on Korvin or Quistine Silentall. Ander told Kindrok he should probably not be wearing the garb of the King’s Guard so he ripped them off, destroying them. Ander was puzzled by the sudden display of masculinity, but said nothing. After all, a King’s Guard walking around with a minstrel would probably bring up a lot of questions if they were confronted.

The pair headed out to seek information on the whereabouts of their companions. After hours of tangling through various sources, Ander came across some ripe information from a reliable bureaucratic source. Apparently Korvin had been taken in under suspicion of treason and marched into the templar quarter. Also, a wild halfling was captured but her location was unknown. Other news included that early in the morning a dust up happened, leading to Kalak killing his High Templar Dorjen. Newly appointed High Templar Tithian gave orders to all city-guard to collect as many slaves as possible to finish construction of the ziggurat.

All this information took Ander the greater part of the day to collect. The duo decided that Quistine must be working on the ziggurat, so they planned to get a closer look. Those plans were cut short when they were confronted by templars and their henchmen gathering up those who couldn’t pay themselves off in the streets. Ander, who maintained a stance of non-violence, attempted to bribe the templar, Torbin, into leaving him and his buddy alone, but he failed to offer enough. Kindrok was not ok with being surrounded, and drew weapons. He pushed off a number of guards while Ander launched poisoned daggers. A highly energetic man among the strangers in the street joined the fight, using some showy tactics. Once Kindrok was overwhelmed Ander had a decision to make. Was this group of individuals who always seemed to be getting into trouble wort it?


Ander snuck off to live another day.


I don’t remember if a day passed between the first and second paragraph.

Freedom, Session 7
Calion madrius

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