Adventure Log Template

This is a template for creating Adventure Log posts. Posters might find it easier to copy this into a new Log entry rather than to create one from scratch. To access the template, click the Picture 11 button.

Name Level Played by Luck
Mina 3 Soarcha83
Haaku Uaari 3 Madrius
Zar 3 Dom
Kindrok 2 DM
Urrgos 4 DM

This is the first paragraph of the log entry. It is customary to link places (such as Altaruk), monsters (such as kanks) and NPCs (such as Rhotan Vor) the first time they are mentioned. PCs (like Korvin) may also be linked at their first mention in the log, though this is less necessary since they are usually linked in the Characters section above. You can do this by using the Wiki formatting, or just using the toolbar icons above. After this first paragraph is the More tag, which breaks the main Adventure Log page into manageable chunks. Also note that you can divide the log into sections by using --- after a blank line, as above.
This is the second paragraph of the log. Obviously, the purpose of this template is to make it easy to just copy it and paste it into a new log, replacing this text with your own, and deleting paragraphs you don’t use. Don’t forget that you can use the toolbar above (as well as more advanced Textile functions described under “Wiki Syntax Help” to the right) to format your post in interesting and attractive ways.
There are several ways to do paragraphs. This is possibly the prettiest way, with <div> tags around the paragraph to create indents, but it can get a little unwieldy.

Normally when you use the <div> tag method of creating paragraphs, there are no spaces between paragraphs, but you can create one by putting <p/> on a line by itself between the paragraphs, as above.

Another, easier way to make paragraphs is to eschew the indents and the <div> tags needed to make them and simply type, leaving a normal blank line between paragraphs.

Feel free to modify this template to make it more easy to use (for instance, I question the utility of even having this “no indents” section, since the point of the template is to make it easy to use the indenting feature, and I’m not sure the info header at the top of the page is a good idea) and to keep the Character roster up to date. Don’t worry about messing things up; Obsidian Portal keeps copies of all old versions of every page, so any unwanted changes can be undone without too much difficulty.

Note that, because versioning has been implemented, it is no longer necessary to sign your posts. Please consult the Adventure Log guide for requirements and tips for making Adventure Logs; there are several requirements for the Adventure Log not mentioned here.

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