Large Thri-Kreen skilled in combat and the hunt


A clutch of Thri-Kreen hatched near the crescent forest 10 years ago. As this clutch grew into maturity, one in particular grew to be the largest of them all. He had a natural athletic prowess that his elders recognized immediately and upon turning six years old he was given the name Chuka-Tet. It just seemed natural. His elders would tell him stories of Chuka-Tet, the great hunter, who’s physical prowess and intense drive to seek out prey made him and his clutch happy and healthy.

These stories filled him with dreams of a life once lived. He had vivid visions of waiting in ambush and taking down some of the more fearsome of Athasian beasts. These visions occurred every few nights, and eventually they came to harness during the day while he was active. As he climbed to the top of his dune he was struck by his common torpor. In his vision he leapt after a bazraag, ripping it’s jaw from it’s body and ravishing it with his claws.

Suddenly Chuka-Tet came to and realized that he had in fact done what he thought was only a vision. He perched over the remains of the bazraag and began picking it apart. He carried back to his clutch all the flesh, hide and bones that would be of use.

His elders and siblings surrounded him and began clicking and chattering in joy and excitement. He had proven himself to be Chuka-Tet on this day.

Chuka-Tet spent all his time hunting for his clutch. This was his role in the pack. The more he hunted, the better weapons his mates made for him. He eventually came to the discovery that he could control his visions of his former life. He would go into into a trance. While in this trance he became skilled at ambush. He would sit in wait and as soon as prey was spotted he could leap or rush with amazing speed to overwhelm and kill it.

His abilities would be cause of an unfortunate event. With each kill he became more brave and confident. Though his elders told him to to travel too far east or west, he felt nothing could be too dangerous for him. He headed east unaware that Nibenay is what he would find. He approached the walled city with curiosity. He even drank from their water reserve. Within moments of drinking the water he heard a startling sound. Ringing.

He was overwhelmed by fleshy creatures that spoke in sounds that were unfamiliar. Before he could go into his rage he was trapped within some sort of cage not made of the natural world.


Chuka-Tet quickly became the property of a nobleman who found him to be a horrific site. The several days passing Chuka-Tet was transferred from one master to an other, until one finally saw some potential and use for the giant Kreen. “You’re going to learn to fight, and fight well!”

His master was named Tulious, and he owned a few other slaves. They seemed to be a clutch. The strongest of the clutch was a fleshy being called Korgoth. Tulious made Chuka-Tet and Korgoth train all day every day. Chuka-Tet never spoke much, but Korgoth would go on and on about a place called Tyr, how it was home, and how he wished to return his father and sister there one day if he could only win his freedom in the Arena. For the next two and a half years Chuka-Tet learned how to make use of many tools that were not familiar to him. One of his favorites was a long straight stick with a sharp edge and point. Korgoth called it a sword.

The day finally came that Tulious announced that Korgoth and Chuka-Tet could fight for their freedom if they earned him enough coin. They fought side by side, along with three other strangers in a team battle. Chuka-Tet and Korgoth handled the opposition without problem, but some of their team mates fell in the first fight. They were told they could spend their downtime in the city until they were called upon to fight again. Though they were warned that they would be under scrutiny.

This was the first time Chuka-Tet could choose where to go, even though the options were limited. Instead, he went into a torpor state of rest. After an hour guards approached him and shackled him into a cage. “Looks like your friend and a few others got out of the city with your master. He owed a lot of money, so you belong to someone else now.”

Chuka-Tet eventually found himself in Tyr, the city Korgoth always spoke of, though he was still a slave. He had earned a reputation and was a favorite among the gladiators of the Tyr stadium. He fought and became a better fighter with the drive to one day be free and find Korgoth. Chuka-Tet wanted to know why he was left. Even stronger, he felt the need to reform his clutch.


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