Erdan Uaari

Haaku's cousin


Erdan hails from the same nomadic elf tribe that Haaku does. The Clan of Uaari. Haaku was just a pup when Erdan decided to seek training in The Way at a the Exalted Path Monestary in Nibenay. He was not allowed admittance, but he did meet a young upstart monk by the name of Kayardi who saw Erdan’s desire to learn. Kayardi held secret meetings to train various slaves and people who were not noble or able to pay for the proper training at the Exalted Path. He was tattooed with black triangles on each of his palms. These points represented where he was to focus his energy, and that everything else was to flow like the wind and water. He developed a graceful style that impressed Kayardi. Unfortunately the attention only inflated his ego.

Erdan spent several years training in secret and earning his keep by working as a guard in the elven market that was ran by the Sky Singer clan. He overheard a conversation about plans to wipe out the Uaari clan. They had become a pest to the Sky Singers and they wanted them out of the picture. Erdan’s arrogance brought him to challenge his employers which lead to a scuffle, many broken ceramic wares, and Erdan fleeing for his life from Nibenay.

He decided it was time to go home and warn the clan. He spent nearly a year looking for his clan with no luck. He became comfortable alone in the desert. It gave him a peace of mind that was clouded when around others. Unfortunately after some time he was swept up by a slaver gang.

They sold him in Tyr and he was sent to work in the pits. After a week or so an unruly slave went mad and tried to attack the work crew Erdan was on. He quickly used his fighting skills to subdue the slave and caught the attention of the templars. They gave him the option to fight for the entertainment of the people and quickly took up the offer.

Erdan Uaari

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