Silver Spring personality


Like all elves he is long-limbed and rangy, but this elf has a physical presence that most elves lack. His eyes are steel-blue.


Chieftan of the Silver Hand Elves of Silver Spring.


  • The Vault of Darom Madar, Session 1: Doesn’t actually appear, but Vistna the Clanless browbeats one of his lieutenants into leading the party to him. However, the lieutenant leads them into an ambush along the way.
  • The Vault of Darom Madar, Session 2: The party looks quite foolish in their attempt to convince Toramund to tell them how to reach the Canyon of Guthay. Vistna, in particular, nearly screws the pooch. In return, Toramund tells them no more than they could have learned from anyone in Silver Spring, and convinces them to go in a roundabout way infested with dangerous creatures to boot.

Known sources

  • DSCS, p. 187
  • The Vault of Darom Madar


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