Freedom, session 6
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 15th - Midday

With Vistna dead in Tyr’s warrens and the rest of the party happily quaffing brunch, things are looking good for the rugged and ragged individuals known as Kindrock, Korvin, Quistine, and Ander. In an attempt to find their way into the Veiled Alliance, Kindrock, to much the surprise of the party, provides some insight into a possible path to the covert sorcerers. Kindrock used to be employed by Suldin—a Veiled Alliance member— and Kindrock recalls that Suldin’s father knew of his son’s involvement with the society. With this information tickling Korvin’s brainpan with the promise of secrets, and Ander’s eyes filled with the promise of jink to come, the party sets out to Suldin’s house to find the way into the Veiled Alliance.

Then a Mul gets in the way.

A Mul guard of <<douchey>> pushes Quistine into a fruit stall, and the Mul guard claims he did this to protect his charge from assault. <<douchey>> yells at Korvin, who is garbed as a Templar, to arrest the wee assassin-to-be. Korvin responds with a “No.” He proceeds to straighten the fruit cart and asks <<douchey>> to pay for the damage his slave caused. <<douchey>>, unamused by Korvin’s forthrightness and sense of practical justice, is happy to see the proper authorities arrive just in time to inject some of their bureaucratic nefariousness into the situation.

When asked for his name, Korvin stupidly gives it, while the rest of the part scurries in different directions. Ander melts into the crowd, and Quistine and Kindrock mosey over to a nearby alley. The Templars demand that Korvin comes with them, and Korvin responds by trotting off. One of the Templars then crushes Korvin in an arcane cage, and Quistine and Kindrock bolt. Kindrock takes to the rooftops, bounding across gaps between houses and easily getting away in a few giantish strides. Quistine climbs into a small apartment, but is beset by the Templar’s half-giant guardsmen that follow her inside. Ander helps out the party by stealthily eliminating a templar and a guardsmen with poisoned blades, allowing him and Korvin to escape.

Quistine has yet to be seen since…

Freedom, Session 5

These are the bare notes we’ve got for this session. Anyone who was there, please help flesh this out.

  • Arranged with Ander to trap Vistna in an entrance to Undertyr
  • Ander planned to poison Vistna. Quistine could not wait
  • Stringy monkey hugs
  • Left Vistna’s things in the entrance, thieves came and took it
  • Vistna tried to bribe Kindrock. Then tried to hurt Kindrock. Kindrock did not enjoy it.
  • Korvin convinced Vistna to meet with the Veiled Alliance. Korving gets drunk and impatient while waiting, ends up climbing over the bar and peeing on things.
  • Quistine frees Vistna.
  • Vistna is rightfully punctured.
Freedom, Session 4
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 13th

Korvin was beckoned by the other Templars to investigate the released animals. Saying he would do so, he instead attempted to sneak away from the beast enclosure with Kindrok in tow, but Quistine was still inside trying to elicit a reaction from the beasts and lure them outside. As Quistine tried to leave, she was followed a little too closely by an inix. Kindrok abandoned Korvin’s side to go defend her, leaving Korvin sighing “We weren’t really going to fight them…”

Joined in the doorway by two deep red drakes, the inix decided it had taken enough punishment and returned to the enclosure much to Quistine’s chagrin. Ander, still disguised as a beast master, appeared from the side of the enclosure and hinted to the group that they should run towards a group of people to help lure out the beasts. Kindrok immediately turned around and ran straight at the guards telling them not to panic. They did not. Quistine scrambled atop the wall to provoke the grazing baazarag out, but failed. Instead, she was lured in and bitten by said baazarag.

Freedom, Session 3
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 12th - Midmorning

Vistna explained to his contact from the Veiled Alliance that he could in no way get himself imprisoned in the pits, and that instead he would hire a minstrel to infiltrate and cause a distraction so that the woman can place the three emblems where they belong. She was firm in believing that one person alone could not cause enough of a distraction, so Vistna asked for enough time to gather his associates and explain the situation. He was instructed to meet at The Drunken Giant located in Shadow Square. In the evening there would be a package which would allow him to boost the range on his psychic communications one time only. She planned to be waiting for the next few days for that signal to commence the operation.

Freedom, Session 1
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 11th - Midmorning
The Road to Tyr, Session 2
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 9th - Early evening

Quistine is unconscious over Kindrock’s shoulder. The party is generally relieved at this turn of events, given Quistine’s penchant for getting into trouble with, well, people. The group walks slowly behind Timor, attempting to give him enough distance so as to avoid another run-in with the powerful Templar.

Quistine wakes up and discovers she is bound, gagged, and being carried by a half-giant. She chews and violently shakes her head until she gets the gag out, and proceeds to loudly curse everyone around her. She wriggles and dances atop Kindrock’s massive shoulder, and Kindrock promptly drops the errant halfling into the sand with an unceremonious ‘plop.’ Kindrock ineffectually attempts to get the squirming savage midget to calm down, while Quistine gets a hold of her sickle and begins cutting herself free. Noticing the less than subtle disturbance in the back Korvin and The Will attempt to talk some sense into their small ally. Quistine insists that these so-called “people” like the slave-handler aren’t worth the air they breathe or the water they waste by drinking it. Finally The Will says, “But, you see, there are so many more people than there are us!” and Korvin manages to get across to Quistine the idea that Templars like Timor are more than capable of killing all of them with a couple of well-timed words.
“Bad magicky people are more powerful than all of us?” Quistine asks quizzically
At this, Quistine continues to be puzzled, but calms down and grudgingly allows herself to be re-tied and carted back to the caravan to avoid further incident.

When the party again manages to catch up with Rhotan and the others Rhotan is less than pleased. “Do I want to know what happened back there?” he asks, clearly exasperated by this point with the antics of his guards. “I see the little one is tied up. Probably best. A templar had a word with me. He said I need to keep my hirelings in line. I don’t care much what he thinks, but we are on a schedule, and we need to get into ”/campaign/sydarksun/wikis/tyr" class=“wiki-page-link”> Tyr as soon as possible. Meaning no more interruptions." Everyone quickly gathers together and double-times it to the gates of Tyr.

At the gate two half-giants and a templar talk with Rhotan while the part quietly waits obediently. Quistine is still tied up. The caravan is waved through the gates. The Will stops.



Wasteland Outcasts (major quest): Obtain supplies and deliver them to the outcast camp.
Enchanted Amulets (major quest): Hand over the amulets to the Veiled Alliance contact in Tyr.
Express Caravan to Tyr (major quest): Reach Tyr with the caravan intact.


The Road to Tyr, Session 1
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 9th - Early evening
Name Level Played by XP
Kindrok 2 Ryan 168
Korvin 3 Anthony 168
Quistine Silentall 3 Sarah 168
Will of the Wastes 3 Matt 168
Channe 2 DM 91
Vistna the Clanless 2 DM 91

Road to tyr coverAfter determining that the attack was in fact by house Tsalaxa, Kindrok’s limp body is placed onto a heap of treasure covered by canvas carried by a skiff. The caravan heads on towards Tyr with the hope that something can be done for Kindrok. The party is relieved to see that the sandy wastes start to give way to a different landscape. The sand along the road is finer, much like silica that gives with every step. The fine sand produces a cloud of dust that covers all who are not in front of the caravan. Scattered about are very large boulders, approximately 30 feet in height and various widths and lengths. Rhotan calls for the party to rest for the night, as they should be arriving the next day in Tyr.

The Vault of Darom Madar, Session 8
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 8th
Name Level Played by XP
Channe 2 DM 1
Kindrok 3 Ryan 250
Korvin 2 Anthony 250
Quistine Silentall 2 Sarah 250
Will of the Wastes 3 Matt 250
Vistna the Clanless 3 DM 250

1 Did not participate in the encounter.

Darom madar cover

The party is scattered following the attack by the death cloud. Quistine climbs out from underneath the skiff and surveys the landscape. Rhoton is first back to the caravan, and Will of the Wastes suggests that Quistine Silentall fetch the remaining party members. Although the damage is limited, Rhoton discovers the death of his skiff driver and determines it’s not safe to bury him then and collects the caravan together to move out.

The Vault of Darom Madar, Session 7
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 7th
Name Level Played by XP
Channe 2 Jenn 190
Kindrok 3 Anthony 190
Korvin 2 Anthony 252
Quistine Silentall 2 Sarah 252
Will of the Wastes 3 Matt 190
Vistna the Clanless 2 DM 0

Darom madar cover

Korvin may have had something to say, but he failed to say it, given that it was time to bed down. The caravan rose early in a not too horrible morning and started again on the treacherous trek to Tyr. Eventually they came upon a herd of Kanks, and Quistine’s Kank seemed particularly concerned about these strangers blocking the road. Quistine and The Will, being the natury-type people they are, walked to the front and tried to figure out what to do about this potentially hostile group of creatures.

The Vault of Darom Madar, Session 6
K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 7th
Name Level Played by XP
Channe 2 DM
Kindrok 3 Anthony 0
Korvin 2 Anthony 0
Quistine Silentall 2 Sarah 0
Will of the Wastes 3 Matt 0
Vistna the Clanless 2 DM 1

1 did not participate in any encounters.

Darom madar cover
Having captured the overseer, the adventurers were left with a few questions. For instance: Who is Morg? Why is Channe so pissed off? Where can we get some rope? And what is Rhotan Vor going to think about the whole “murdered the guards and members of a rival merchant clan” thing?


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