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  • Kaldras

    Chief of elf trading tribe based in [[Altaruk]]. Attempted to subdue the party in order to sell them into slavery. Murdered by [[:korvin]] and [[:ulieth]]. h3. Appearances * [[Bloodsand Arena, Session 1 | Bloodsand Arena, Session 1]] * [[Bloodsand …

  • Tellemon

    Captain of [[Altaruk|Altaruk's]] merchant-quarter guard. h3. Appearances * [[Bloodsand Arena, Session 2 | Bloodsand Arena, Session 2]] h3. Known sources * Bloodsand Arena

  • Vistna the Clanless

    A 6'8" ochre giant of scale stares down at you from atop a long neck with a wry smirk of his sharp jaw. There is a palpable arrogance in the air about him and if you aren't mistaken the hair on the back of your neck is standing up. A dray of race and …

  • Zar

    The death and eventual revenge of Zar: In the very basest part of Zar's mind he knew he was going to die. The spear puncturing his liver and intestines, the blood on the sand and rock was all his. His blood spreading over the templar's. He lost his …

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