Luck Points

Note that this page is very much a work in progress.
Please feel free to make suggestions about any part of this. Done poorly, this rule could become a serious source of contention.

As explained in House Rules, SyDarkSun doesn’t use experience points (see the relevant Forum thread for details as to why). Instead, players are motivated to go above and beyond to contribute to the game via luck points, which give small (or large, if you spend enough of them) bonuses in-game.

In keeping with 4e philosophy, since luck points are given for non-mechanical actions, they should in general grant non-mechanical (i.e. roleplaying) rewards. This will often not be the case, but should still be kept in mind when proposing uses for luck points.

Earning Luck

Action Details Luck Awarded
Session Log
Writing a Session Log 2
Contributing to the Session Log Editing, adding information, etc. 1
Reading the Session Log Unless the DM has to provide you with a copy 1
(no Luck for the Session Log will be awarded until it is properly formatted)
Electronic Character Enhancement
Creating a character page for your character Using a Dynamic Character Sheet is discouraged 2
Posting a character portrait On the character page 2
Posting your character to iPlay4e Make sure you share the character with me 2 each level
Character Development
Creating a character background Must be approved by the DM 2
Posting a character journal Maximum of one per session 2
Posting an extended character history Page length or longer 3
Roleplaying Superior instance of roleplaying, as determined by the DM 1
Extraordinary feat Your character does something exceptionally heroic or impressive 1
Humor Your character (or, possibly, you) does something particularly amusing 1
Minor Quest Per character involved 1
Major Quest Per character involved 4
Game Contributions
Recruiting a party member Must officially join the party and play at least one session thereafter 3
Relevant research As described under #4 in Contributions 3 – 5
Buying a gaming accessory for the group ??

The DM will attempt to keep track of Luck earned in the Rewards section of the session logs. If you believe you have earned rewards you have not received, notify the DM.

Spending Luck

Luck points will be awarded in the form of tokens handed out by the DM, and can only be spent by returning said tokens to the DM. The DM will not keep track of your current Luck points, though, as stated above, he will attempt to document every issuance of them. Luck follows the player, not the character. Luck points can even be traded by trading the tokens. However, purchasing more tokens elsewhere in order to use in the game is obviously not allowed :) .

The following list is not definitive; players should feel free to suggest other uses, in or out of game. However, the DM of course has final say as to what will and will not be allowed, and specifically reserves the right to be capricious as to allowing any benefits not on this list. The DM also reserves the right to change this table at any time to better maintain game balance.

Reward Details Luck Cost
Dramatic Death Buy one more action before unconsciousness 4
Change outcome of failed skill check You still fail, but the exact repercussions can be ameliorated 1
+ 1 to any d20 roll Before the roll 1
Reroll A reroll of any d20 roll you make after the outcome is announced. You have to take the second result 3
Level up One level, but can not level higher than the highest-leveled character in the party 20
Action Point Not a milestone 4
Weapon Save A saving throw to save your weapon under the Weapon Breakage rules 2
Regain your Second Wind 3
Hinder another - 1 to a d20 roll of any other creature before it’s rolled (including PCs!). Each player may only spend 1 Luck per roll 1
Regain a Daily power 5
Break a game rule Do/try something cool and cinematic not covered by the game rules, like a called shot ?
Alter Reality Bend reality to your will (without contradicting established fact or physical law) ??

Overall, this system makes characters more powerful. However, this doesn’t bother me too much; Dark Sun is a challenging world, and none of these things should overbalance things too much. I hope.

Luck Points

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