General Rules

Official Info

Players are responsible for all official information posted on this wiki. Official information is tagged Admin. What this means is that the DM will assume that all players have read everything tagged “Admin.” Pages that have useful information but are not required reading are tagged Info. Obsidian Portal will inform players of new and updated articles via email.

House Rules

The only house rules are those posted to the house rules section of this wiki by the DM. All house rules are also tagged Rule. If there is no house rule on a given subject, the RAW apply. This is to make sure everyone’s on the same page as to what the rules are.

This does not in any way inhibit the DM’s ability to make rulings, or to ignore rules entirely, in-game. But unless a house rule has been officially posted, any rulings only apply to that session.

Allowed Sources

Following is a list of all the sourcebooks and other materials allowed in this campaign. Except for rules marked as ‘optional,’ all rules in these sources apply unless overridden by a house rule.

Articles from Dragon Magazine are allowed with individual permission by the DM. Please refrain from reading Dark Sun-related Dragon articles, however; they may contain spoilers. I will go through them and post links to approved articles. If you find a Dragon article that you think you may wish to use or read, but don’t have a DDI subscription, contact the DM; he has access to all 4e Dragon articles, and will be happy to provide it for you.

Other Sources

In order to use rules (items, feats, powers, classes, etc) in the game from sources other than those listed above two criteria must be met: First, the DM has to approve the rule in question. Second, the DM must own the source. Buying a book for the DM when he has not pre-approved the rule in question does not guarantee that he will allow it in the game, so consult with the DM before buying a book. “Power” books (Martial Power, Psionic Power, etc.) will probably be allowed in toto once the DM owns a copy. Only legitimate copies in good condition (used is fine) count.

Yes, this is a blatant effort by the DM to get people to buy him sourcebooks. But it’s not simple greed; it’s important that I actually own a copy of all the rules that we’re using, and I far prefer to have a nice copy of a rulebook to refer to.


All official errata will be used.


It’s frustrating for everyone if a game gets canceled at the last minute. So if there are not at least three players marked as “Attending” on the Calendar page by four days before game time, the DM may cancel the session.

General Rules

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