4e=Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

AD&D=Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

D&D=Dungeons & Dragons. Duh.

DDI=Dungeons & Dragons Insider

DM=Dungeon Master

DMG=Dungeon Master’s Guide. See the DM if you need access to this book.

DS1=Dark Sun World Boxed Set from 2nd Edition AD&D

DS4=Dark Sun Campaign Setting from 4th Edition D&D

DSCS=Dark Sun Campaign Setting, the 4th Edition Dark Sun book

DSRB=Dark Sun Rules Book, a book in the Dark Sun World Boxed Set

NPC=Non-Player Character

OP=Obsidian Portal

PH=Player’s Handbook

PHB=Player’s Handbook

PH2=Player’s Handbook 2

PH3=Player’s Handbook 3

Pogs =another name for tokens or counters

RAW=Rules as written

Wanderer’s Journal=a book in the Dark Sun World Boxed Set

XP=Experience Points


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