Haaku's Story

Haaku crouched on his knees and sat on his feet as he drank the warm broth given to him by the small dwarven community. When he finished he set his bowl to his side and closed his eyes as his hands rested open on his thighs. He took in a deep breath through is nose, and slowly let it out through his mouth. He now felt his life force coming back to him. The nourishment was what Haaku needed to regain his spirit. The pit broke him, but the care of the meticulous dwarves rebuilt his foundation.

Haaku leaned forward and placed his hands on the earth beneath him for a moment, mumbling a soft prayer to the element of water. “Bringer of life. Flow through me and grant me your strength, for the path ahead will be a rough one.” He sat back up and realized that Yerik a few of the younger dwarves were watching him intently.

He drew a circle with a cross inside of it into the dirt on the ground with his finger. He looked up and spoke, “Earth.”

To the far left of the circle he drew a spiral, “Wind.”

The far right were three straight lines, “Fire.”

And closest to him, three waving lines. He did not lift his finger when he finished the last line. “Water.”

He took in an other deep breath, through the nose and out the mouth. He then began speaking to the dwarves.

“The lords of water once poured their souls over the earth, which we call Athas. The four lords of the elements worked together.” As he says this he draws a triangle around his previous drawing. “Their souls created vast oceans which provided a place to live for many long gone creatures, rivers to help transport ourselves from one point to an other, and cleansing rains that gave life to forests and plains. The world was full of green thanks to the vast amounts of blue that mixed with the yellow of the earth. The soul of the earth and the soul of the water did not work alone, though. Wind helped to spread the life of the green, and fire made room for new life to sprout from the ashes of the old. This balance cared for all life on Athas, until the defilers came.”

Haaku’s face became tense. “Their evil spells turned everything to ash, but it was not like the ash of fire. No life could be reborn in it’s place. Even worse, all ambient moisture ceased to exist in the destructive path of their magic. Water has seen many transformations. It can be evaporated, boiled, frozen, and even pass through the system of a billion beings…” Haaku points to all those who are listening to him, and then to himself, but then holds his hand in front of him and clenches a fist as he finishes his sentence, “…but it had never before been destroyed.”

Haaku goes on to tell his story of being initiated as a priest of water. He speaks of Nahla, and how she took him in as a pupil when he first arrived in Tyr, and how she brought him to Lake Pit for his initiation.

“I stood before the lord of water at the depths of the lake, confronted by green-skinned shamans who were less than pleased of my presence. However, it was apparent to the elemental that I was true of my intention to protect and serve in the interests of the life-giving water. I was granted the abilities I now and seek to fulfill the mission granted to me. Heal those in need, and protect the scarcest of the elements at all costs from evil defilers who seek to oppress the elements and the life force of Athas. I am Haaku Uaari and it is my mission to protect you and every slave who is trapped here by rule of the sorcerrer-king!”

Haaku yawns, and then slowly stands. “I must sleep,” he says. “Thank you for your care. Find me in the morning at the water troughs.” He heads off to sleep on an actual cot with the assurance – for the first time in a long time – that he will wake up in the morning.

Haaku's Story

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