Player expenditures

D&D is a hobby, and hobbies often cost money. Below is a list of items players might wish to purchase to enhance their gaming experience.


  • Internet access. The organization and coordination of this game happen almost entirely on the Internet. Please check your email regularly (daily is best) for updates about the game. In particular, please check your email the day before and the morning of a game.
  • Nothing else, really. Just bring yourself. The DM tries to have sufficient books, dice, pencils, paper, blank character sheets and pogs for anyone who needs them. Transportation can be arranged as well, if needed.


  • Books:
  • Dice. For 4e, the list of needed dice is a little different than in previous editions. I recommend several d20 (at least three), four d6, and enough d4, d8, d10 and d12 to roll all the damage you might inflict at any one time—check your Power descriptions.
  • A notebook.
  • A pencil or two.
  • A miniature to represent your character.
  • A contribution to whatever the food arrangements are for the evening. A message will be sent out a few days before the game asking you to bring either food or money for pizza (or whatever) if that’s the plan. Otherwise, the game host will provide food during the session. This is filed under “Recommended” rather than “Required” because I don’t want anyone not showing up because they can’t afford to chip in. Show up anyway; it’s covered. We’ve all been broke at some point. Hell, I’m broke now.


  • Power Cards, such as Wizard Power Cards.
  • Other D&D sourcebooks, such as Adventurer’s Vault, D&D Player’s Strategy Guide, the “Power” books, like Psionic Power, or the Essentials line. Note that rule information from any sourcebooks not listed under “Allowed Sources” must be approved under the rules described in “Other Sources” before it can be used in the game (it probably will be).
  • Fortune Cards. Fortune Cards, unlike sourcebooks, can be used in the game without the DM owning a copy.
  • The Dark Sun World Boxed Set. Also known as DS1, this is the original Dark Sun boxed set. Most of the material in here pertains to our campaign. I have a copy that you can look at (but not check out), but if you want your own, feel free to buy one.
  • A DDI subscription. However, this is probably not the best use of your money; see below.
  • Contribution to the DM Fund. Your Friendly Neighborhood DM has spent something like $180 on books solely for this game (not counting all the old source material I already had), in addition to $10/month for DDI and $5/month for Obsidian Portal. A contribution of $5/month (not per session, per month) per player should suffice to cover costs, give us all access to the cool features of DDI and OP, and hopefully result in a new accessory occasionally. Note, however, that this is completely optional; nothing negative will come to you or your character if you just ignore this. It’s just a way to try to offset some of my costs and hopefully buy more stuff for the game than I would otherwise be able to.


Below is a list of things your DM would strongly prefer you not buy or read:

  • Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide 2
  • Monster Manual
  • Dark Sun Campaign Setting hardback
  • Dark Sun Creature Catalog
  • Dark Sun Campaign Setting Expanded and Revised (aka DS2)
  • Any Dark Sun novels, particularly the Prism Pentad series
  • Any Dark Sun-specific Dragon Magazine articles

Player expenditures

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