List of resources (a central repository to link to so that wiki editors don’t have to look up the links every time or leave resources unlinked):


Other Resources

  • Dragon articles that have been pre-approved for use in the game (the DM has printouts of these articles if you wish to look at them):
    • “Ritually Speaking,” Dragon 366
      Additional rituals for all ritual-using characters.
    • “We Who Are About to Die…,” Dragon 368
      Rules and weapons for gladiators.
    • “Art of the Kill,” Dragon 373
      Info for assassin-type characters (not the Assassin character class).
    • “Secrets of the Spiral Tower,” Dragon 380
      Tips and extras for wizards.
    • “Know Your Role: Controller,” Dragon 382
      Hints for controllers.
    • “Class Acts: Wizard,” Dragon 383
      More wizard spells.
    • “Monster Hunters of Athas” (edited), Dragon 391
      This article has been modified by the DM; please do not read the original Dragon article.
      Info for hunting monsters.
    • “Athasian Familiars,” Dragon 397
      Descriptions and lists of possible familiars for wizards using the Familiar rules from Arcane Power. Please consult with the DM before finalizing your choice of familiar, some options (cats?) may not be available in SyDarkSun.
  • Current Errata for all 4th Edition sourcebooks


Permitted Reading

Below are Dark Sun books, modules, etc. that, while not required or even encouraged, are allowed to be read, because they no longer give major spoilers. Primarily these will be adventures that the party has completed, and can now be looked at without ruining any surprises.


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