Shadow Square

Map (this map only shows the northern corner of Shadow Square)


… a small square where five lanes met. The plaza was bathed in bright yellow light, for it was surrounded by six wineshops, two brothels, and a gambling house, all of which had burning torches in the sconces outside their doors. Dozing men, mostly humans and elves, lay slouched against the sides of the buildings, and half-naked women were wandering to and fro looking for someone in need of companionship. —p. 85, The Verdant Passage


The alley opened into a plaza…The scene in Shadow Square seemed more chaotic than the merchant row on the other side of the alley…Dozens of tents had been pitched by elves either too poor to too cheap to rent a storefront. These elves were vainly accosting the dozens of half-elves, dwarves, and humans who carried large ceramic pots toward the center of the square.

There, a templar and a pair of half-giant guards collected a small tax from the pot-bearers for the privilege of filling a jug from the public fountain. It was a slow and tedious process, with a long waiting line, for the fountain consisted of a single trickle of water spilling from the mouth of a stone statue. The artist had shaped a braxat from the stone, a huge, hunchbacked creature resembling a cross between a baazrag and a horned chameleon. It walked on its hind legs and had a thick shell covering its back and neck. —p. 105, The Verdant Passage.

Locations in Shadow Square:

The Drunken Giant
The Red Kank

Shadow Square

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