Bloodsand Arena, Session 1

K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Fifthover 1st

Name Level Played by XP
Kindrok 1 Anthony 187
Korvin 1 Anthony 187
Pak’Cha 1 Sarah 187
Quistine Silentall 1 Sarah 187
Channe 2 DM 1
Suldin 1 DM 1
Ulieth 1 DM 1

1 Did not participate in any encounters

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In the city-state of Tyr, with its Ziggurat nearing completion, the Sorcerer-King Kalak has begun press-ganging visitors to the city and even free citizens into forced labor at the foot of his mysterious and monumental creation. Quistine, a halfling huntress; Pak’Cha, a thri-keen shaman; Channe, a fiery (in both demeanor and appearance) human psionicist; and Ulieth, an elf warrior, are seeking water and food to care for their outcast camp, but are warned away from the city because of the fresh new tyranny that Kalak has inflicted upon the region. The four friends join up with a passing trade caravan of long-legged elves, led by the haughty and acerbic Kaldras, pledging their services as warriors in trade for enough ceramic bits to bring back food and water to their band. Also serving as hired protectors to the trade caravan are Kindrok, a scarred half-giant whose solution to every problem is the proper application of brute force; Suldin, a quiet figure who seems to have some skill with the Way of the Unseen; and Korvin, who does not seem to belong. His skin has the pallor of bleached parchment, his face and body are soft, his clothes are well-cut and lack the accumulation of trail dust, and his hair has enough oil slicking it down to cook a fine Nibenay meal with.

The seven hired guards have trouble keeping up with the road-hardened elves throughout the journey, which first takes them through the jagged plains of the stony barrens, in which Quistine falls victim to the Athasian sun, only managing to keep up with the caravan after her friend and ally Pak’Cha cares for her with some traditional medicine. Eventually, Quistine resorts to suspending herself on the underbelly of one of the caravan’s kanks, which provided the elves with a source of amusement and Quistine with a few “accidental” jabs to her itty-bitty ribcage.

After trekking through the stony barrens, the party walked through the desolate and uninviting sandy wastes, where they had further trouble keeping up with the elves’ long strides and much of the party succumbed to sun-sickness. Eventually, they made it through and entered the maze-like valleys of the rocky badlands. Here a band of raiders and their slaves ambushed the group, and Quistine, Kindrok, Korvin, and Pak’Cha were called upon to prove that they were worth their bits and protect the caravan (the other party members were scouting ahead at the time). During the battle Quistine greatly showed her worth, eliminating almost half the band single-handedly, but was knocked unconscious near the end of the battle from a lucky blow. After the raiders were killed, three slaves retreated into the caves from whence they came and Korvin called to Pak’Cha to chase after them, snapping at Kindrok and Quistine to stay with the trade caravan. Korvin, impatient, entered the cave alone, and was beaten in the dark mercilessly by the three slaves, who, after successfully landing a trio of blows, escaped into the darkness. Pak’Cha entered shortly thereafter, just a few steps in front of Quistine who ignored Korvin’s unwarranted order and wished to remain beside her friend. Then a blast of radiant energy burst forth from the darkness and knocked Pak’Cha to the ground, gravely wounding her. Quistine, seeing the blast of magic, entered to help her friend. Korvin made a few attempts to heal the fallen thri-kreen, ripping off his shirt and binding Pak’Cha’s wounds, but Quistine saw his failings and stood by her side. Kindrok then began calling out from the caravan as a raider was attempting to make off with the cargo tied upon a kank. While Kindrok and the raider grappled with each other, Korvin and Quistine attempted to revive Pak’Cha. Quistine began dragging her friend out of the clearly dangerous cave, but Pak’Cha succumbed to her wounds before she could be revived. After the final raider was dealt with, Quistine went to collect her friend’s corpse and sacred belongings, pledging to bury her in a manner becoming of a thri-kreen shaman. Korvin returned to the corpse to reclaim his shirt. With Quistine despondent over the loss of her friend and Kindrok recovering from a grievous stomach wound, the group set out once again, managing to finally reach Altaruk without further incident.

Posted by Anthony


Road to Altaruk: 750 XP



Major quest (Wasteland Outcasts): Obtain supplies and deliver them to the outcast camp.
Minor quest ( Tyrian Outlaws): Arrive in Altaruk and thus evade your pursuers.


Kalak, not Andropinous. He’s from Balic.

Bloodsand Arena, Session 1

Although I’ve put the date as Highsun above, there’s almost no way that’s going to stay true. I’ve got to recalculate dates to adjust for previous events in this campaign (Highsun has already past, I’m almost certain). So just be warned that I’m almost certainly changing the game-date (setting-date? What’s the best way to say that?) at some point.

Bloodsand Arena, Session 1

Approved. Anthony, there’s some stuff I would appreciate you adding; see the Player Secret above.

Bloodsand Arena, Session 1

Made some minor changes and corrections. Anthony: Please read the Player Secret above.

Bloodsand Arena, Session 1
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