The Vault of Darom Madar, Session 5

K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 1st

Name Level Played by XP
Channe 2 Jenn 200
Kindrok 3 Anthony 200
Korvin 2 Anthony 262
Quistine Silentall 2 Sarah 200
Will of the Wastes 3 Matt 325
Vistna the Clanless 2 DM 1

1 did not participate in any encounters.

Darom madar cover
Having guided the merchant caravan to the deadly Vault, the party decided to spend a few days recovering from the wounds inflicted upon them by the undead, as well as take time to reflect upon their adventures so far. Kindrok and Quistine spent time together singing and sparring, and Kindrok began to develop a particular fondness for the fierce Halfling. The Will went off into the desert of embark on what he called a “spirit journey,” and returned with new insight that he felt no need to share. Korvin studied the necromantic obelisk and practiced his newfound arcane talents in the dark corners of the cave.

After they took advantage of three days of rest, the party and the caravan set out once again for the great city of Tyr. They stayed alongside the vast canyon wall, enjoying the comfort of a constant landmark. That night, while Channe kept watch of the merchants and Korvin made his way outside of the camp to pass water, a mysterious beast slipped into the slumbering campsite and began to wreak havoc. It was a long, fierce, serpentine creature that levitated over the desert sands. Poison dripped from its fangs, but its deadliest weapon was the psionic charms it unleashed on the party. It could obscure itself from the mind’s eye and psychically push the fight out of warriors even as fierce as Kindrock. It’s first target was the Channe, which the beast charged and attempted to ingurgitate, but while the great worm unhinged its jaws to engulf Channe, Quistine sent two arrows flying into the creature’s soft palate. Finding its choice of meal pricklier than expected, the worm attempted to shroud itself with smoggy thoughts, but while it tried to make a passing blow at the party Channe skewered the creature and the party was able to go along its way.

Early the next morning, the party struck the road from Altaruk to Tyr. Turning west along the road, they came across a great bridge, painted in the manner of a rainbow that Korvin and Kistna immediately recognized as mirroring the pattern of the great ziggurat of Tyr, the sorcerer-king’s newest construction project and the party’s ultimate destination. Crossing the bridge, the sense of wonder was not lost upon any besides Quistine, who responded more with acerbic chagrin towards the wasteful and strange structure than with bewilderment in response to impressive, if ostentatious, bridge.

A day’s travel after crossing the canyon, the party saw in the distance a vast, lumbering titan trudging toward the great city. A mekkilot, a reptilian behemoth that had been strapped to a veritable moving village, a caravan that flew under the banner of the merchant house Reshriki. Upon seeing the house’s sigil, the usually quiet and reserved Channe showed visible distaste. Rotanvor, the caravan leader, ignored Channe’s obvious discomfort and approached the caravan with Korvin. The two trading caravans decided to merge for the night, and the leader of the Reshreki merchants showed Korvin some of the wares: an assortment of slave women, who vied for the young nobleman’s attention. Korvin, unimpressed with the selection, only inquired about the monetary value of a half-giant warrior. Quistine and Channe were not impressed with Korvin’s inquiry, though he did swear that it was simply a matter of professional curiosity.
That night, Korvin and Kindrock decided to go socialize, and began drinking with the Reshreki guards. Kindrock hit it off nicely with a guard named halpert, and listened intently to Halpert’s stories about his children in Tyr and Halpert’s plans to begin serving within the city rather than travelling constantly. While Korvin and Kindrock partook of more than a few heady libations, Quistine engaged in an inquiry of her own. She waylaid a Reshreki official and attempted to browbeat him into revealing the identity of whoever slew her friend Mork. This Reshreki official did not budge, and tried to retreat into his cabin, but Quistine, impetuous as always, tried following the man. The commotion attracted the attention of Kindrock, who, with a few lumbering and drunken strides made his way to Quistine. She explained her desire to “follow that man” and Kindrock plucked her off the ground and began his chase. This, of course, attracted both the guards and Korvin, and pretty soon everyone was circled around the knowledge miser, who still revealed nothing save one crucial fact to Korvin—to leave it alone. After the man finally got away from Quistine, Korvin attempted to explain to the thick-headed half-pint that by not giving any information the man had given them all the information they needed. Quisitine, who hated riddles almost as much as she hated thinking about the consequences of her actions, ignored Korvin’s advice and insisted that they get the information she needed to find Mork’s murderer’s. Korvin, showing all the fine decision-making that a few flagons of broi can generate, suggested that Quistine could see if any records of the transaction were kept.

So Korvin made his way back to the tent to nap, and Kindrock stayed with Halpert to discuss the intricacies of bringing home an appropriate gift for one’s loving family.

Channe interrupted Korvin’s beeline to the cozy confines of his bed and inquired into what the commotion was about. He said “Well, Qustine’s going to steal something, cuz I tol’ her to. Mork and all, y’know. Oh,and we’re all going to die. That was a thing.” Channe seemed panicked by the Korvin’s nonchalant statements, and insisted that the party go and make sure Quistine did not get herself killed. She dragged the nobleman to get The Will and then had to face the arduous task of getting The Will to be proactive about something. They briefly debated as to whether or not they should get Vistna to help with the situation. Briefly.

Channe, The Will, and Korvin then rushed back to the Reshreki camp, only to hear a murderous scream come from the merilok wagon. The guards that were next to Kindrock started to take action, and Korvin launched a few bolts of eldritch darkfire at them. Kindrock, with all the heartfelt passion he had previously applied to explaining the joys of bringing a domesticable Basrag, crushed Halpert’s throat and proceeded to unleash a whirlwind of martial ability upon his former drinking buddies. Channe rushed into the merilock wagon, and came face to face with a slavedriver she once knew very well. Her rage filled up the hearts of her allies and the party methodically eliminated the Reshreki guards, and when the slavedriver attempted to escape Korvin and The Will ran him down and brought the villain to the ground.



Wasteland Outcasts
Enchanted Amulets
Express Caravan to Tyr


Silken surprise: 750 XP

Slave coffer
  • Combat encounter: 0 XP
  • Roleplaying: 250 XP

Bonus for The Will (extra character journal): 125 XP
Roleplaying for Korvin:62 XP


Updated the log; changed the timing. There weren’t any “hidden” nights on the journey.

  1. You might just want to link Rhotan, as he’s misspelled.
  2. It’s House Resherek.
  3. It’s a little confusing which ‘caravan’ Rhotan is the leader of. We know, of course, but this is for posterity.
  4. The Resherek caravan leader’s name was Jost.
  5. It’s Morg, not Mork (from Ork! :)
  6. It’s “broy.”
  7. It’s “mekillot.”
  8. It’s “baazrag.”
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