The Road to Tyr, Session 2

K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 9th - Early evening

Quistine is unconscious over Kindrock’s shoulder. The party is generally relieved at this turn of events, given Quistine’s penchant for getting into trouble with, well, people. The group walks slowly behind Timor, attempting to give him enough distance so as to avoid another run-in with the powerful Templar.

Quistine wakes up and discovers she is bound, gagged, and being carried by a half-giant. She chews and violently shakes her head until she gets the gag out, and proceeds to loudly curse everyone around her. She wriggles and dances atop Kindrock’s massive shoulder, and Kindrock promptly drops the errant halfling into the sand with an unceremonious ‘plop.’ Kindrock ineffectually attempts to get the squirming savage midget to calm down, while Quistine gets a hold of her sickle and begins cutting herself free. Noticing the less than subtle disturbance in the back Korvin and The Will attempt to talk some sense into their small ally. Quistine insists that these so-called “people” like the slave-handler aren’t worth the air they breathe or the water they waste by drinking it. Finally The Will says, “But, you see, there are so many more people than there are us!” and Korvin manages to get across to Quistine the idea that Templars like Timor are more than capable of killing all of them with a couple of well-timed words.
“Bad magicky people are more powerful than all of us?” Quistine asks quizzically
At this, Quistine continues to be puzzled, but calms down and grudgingly allows herself to be re-tied and carted back to the caravan to avoid further incident.

When the party again manages to catch up with Rhotan and the others Rhotan is less than pleased. “Do I want to know what happened back there?” he asks, clearly exasperated by this point with the antics of his guards. “I see the little one is tied up. Probably best. A templar had a word with me. He said I need to keep my hirelings in line. I don’t care much what he thinks, but we are on a schedule, and we need to get into ”/campaign/sydarksun/wikis/tyr" class=“wiki-page-link”> Tyr as soon as possible. Meaning no more interruptions." Everyone quickly gathers together and double-times it to the gates of Tyr.

At the gate two half-giants and a templar talk with Rhotan while the part quietly waits obediently. Quistine is still tied up. The caravan is waved through the gates. The Will stops.



Wasteland Outcasts (major quest): Obtain supplies and deliver them to the outcast camp.
Enchanted Amulets (major quest): Hand over the amulets to the Veiled Alliance contact in Tyr.
Express Caravan to Tyr (major quest): Reach Tyr with the caravan intact.



Obviously this needs some work. In fact it seems only half done. Is the other half somewhere?

The Road to Tyr, Session 2
Calion Calion

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