Freedom Session 16

Name Level Played by Luck
Mina 3 Soarcha83
Haaku Uaari 3 Madrius
Zar 3 Dom
Kindrok 2 DM
Urrgos 4 DM

The guards and Templar are trying to kill Zar and Haaku Uaari has grabbed onto Zar’s legs, trying to save him through Haaku’s perceived influence and value. The Templar, in a bored voice, mutters “In Kalak’s name, restrain this creature…” and an Eldritch cage descends, but Zar teleports and avoids capture.
Zar fights back with all the vigor of a mul about to lose his life. He blinds the Templar, Haaku slides back and tries to help as much as he can. He extracts the moisture from the bodies of the guards and the templar. Enraged and confused the Templar shouts out “In Kalak’s name SMITE this creature!” Zar refuses to die with the kind of stubbornness only a half-dwarf could embody. Chch’kraran, a Thri-Kreen familiar to Zar, leaps into the fray and expertly executes a guard. Urrgos is walking by and Zar carefully enlists his help. But when the Eldritch cage descends again, Urrgos weeps in pain and confusion and gives up. Eventually, after a well-fought battle Haaku runs out of power, and runs away to preserve the greater good. Zar curses Haaku as an untrue friend, but regardless, the Templars and the guards prove too strong for Zar to survive, and he finally falls. Urrgos and Chch’kraran are taken to the pits, and Urrgos is too big to fit, so he’s tied to the whipping post.

Mina arrives at the gladiator area. Lisan chats with Mina, introduces Morvak as the gladiator trainer. Morvak is stoic, barely acknowledges Mina’s existence. When he gets to the arena he points out a pile of equipment. Mina grabs a short sword. Lisan turns pale when she sees where Mina is being led by Morvak. Mina hears breathing coming from in front of her, in one of the caverns. She advances tentatively, to peer into one of the caverns. The nasty beasty appears out of nowhere, bites and claws her badly, and she swipes at its eye while dodging towards the water. The animal moves away and looks strange/unsubstantial. The tempo is terrifying and Mina barely manages to make it out of the pit alive. She wakes up badly clawed, looking up at a bruised and worried Lisan. Morvak seems displeased, but doesn’t kill Mina, and Lisan is told to get her out of there. Mina is dragged back to the pens by a half-giant. She is caught with a short sword, kicked in the back, stripped, and thrust into the pens.

Haaku heads back to the pens following his unfortunate run-in in Zar’s defense. Haaku arrives, helps Mina somewhat, and Haaku and Mina go to talk to Yerik. Yerik wants Mina gone, and Mina is happy to oblige. After she has a chance to talk to the mysterious citizen Zar rescued the night before. Mina has a discussion with the man, she is given a new mission, and she heads back to the camp.

She arrives back at camp to find Kindrok! Kindrok is barely breathing and has clearly been tortured. In a panic, Mina dashes back to the dwarves, and makes a great deal of noise to get Haaku out. Yerik is displeased. Haaku and Mina rush back to the camp, and Haaku spends the night tending to Kindrok and, hopefully, saving his life. Right before beding down, Haaku and Mina find some surprises in their blankets. For Mina, a healing fruit, to save her in the possible future. For Haaku…his necklace! Haaku, newly optimistic, sets to helping his friends with a renewed sense of purpose.


Calion Soarcha83

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