Freedom, Session 19

Name Level Played by Luck
Mina 3 Soarcha83
Haaku Uaari 3 Madrius
Marc 2 dom_the_tiedied
Kindrok 2 foddernuclear
Varis 3 Gary
Urrgos 4 DM

The Battle Begins

Mina and Kindrock storm the guards at the gate. Mina quickly directs Urrgos to the guards at their right, and tells him to kill the guards. Urrgos is perplexed, but does as Mina commands. The first guard attempts to slash at Mina unsuccessfully, another guard manages to slice Mina’s leg, but the damage is minor, and it is merely a flesh wound. Mina punches the first guard in the face, and puts him into the ideal position for Kindrok to kill him.

Haaku, from behind, sends an icy blast at the guard holding the sword, and the guard yells in pain {at this point, Madrius points out that “Shit’s gettin’ real!” as Haaku typically refrains from damaging people}. A blobbing element of water in a psuedo-human shape appears next to Mina, although she is mildly surprised, she also feels a surge of bravery and encouragement..

Haaku yells out to the slaves “Now is the time to gain our freedom! We must follow Mina! Now is the time to push our way out!” Following suit, Marc climbs on the low wall surrounding the work area where he has been passing out make-shift weapons, and calls out, “They may take our lives, but they can never take our freedom!” {at which point all players point out that we are, in fact, slaves, and therefore they handily took our freedom} Kindrok gives his version of an encouraging speech, “encouraging” the slaves to fight or meet Kindrok’s fists for dinner. Varis calls out: “We face our destiny with fearlessness!”

The results of these inspiring moments are surprsingly far less effective than…Urrgos. His bravery in single-handedly pummeling away at the two guards advancing on the slaves fires up the slaves around him, and they descend like an angry hive of bees on the guards.

Marc coordinates any slaves who are too weak to fight to help pass out weapons from the work area. After arranging for this job to be handled properly, he hops off the berm and {Dom: “It’s my zap!”} points his staff at the three gate guards fighting with Mina and Kindrok. Two of the guards’ shoulders sag, their faces fall, and the motivation to fight this uprising seems to have dwindled as a result of Marc’s directional pointing.

The water elemental proves useful as he/she/it protects Mina from the guard sergeant, and one guard’s piercing attempt fails miserably as he stumbles, while the other guard (who Mina recognizes from a certain tour of the gladiator arena) manages to slice Mina for the second time.

Varis rises up, supported by a whirling cloud of sand, and flies (flies) across the battlefield, kicking Mina’s ‘friend’ squarely in the face. Mina punches the guard in the chin, saying some particularly unladylike things about his nether bits.

The slaves surge forward, inspired by the bravery of the party. From above, in the midst of the chaos and increasing success there is a bone-chiling voice: “In Kalak’s name—restrain this creature!” and several groups of slaves scream in agony as the Eldritch cage descends onto them. Kindrok crushes a guard’s head with his sledgehammer and chuckles. Marc responds to the arrival of the Templars by psychically lifting one of them and ramming him into his compatriots on the viewing platform. The Templar hangs like a child’s abandoned doll in the air for a moment before being dropped to the ground at Mina’s feet. The slaves are not subdued by the Templars’ cages, and surge forward agaisnt Marc, Mina and Kindrok. Urrgos has disappeared into the multitudes of slaves, and Mina calls out to Haaku or Varis to find him.

The Templar on the ground mutters “In Kalak’s name strike this creature!” and Marc is hit with a wave of pain. The two Templars on the platform realize that the threat is directly beneath them and throw the words venomously at Mina and Kindrok. Kindrok stands strong, but Mina is pushed away from her sword with a yell of pain and rage. Marc’s pet Templar flies into the air again and rams into the gate guard, knocking him prone. Apparently, Marc’s puppeteering caught the Templars off-guard enough that their next attacks on Mina, Marc and Kindrok are entirely unsuccessful. Things are beginning to look bleak, as the slaves push Mina and her companions into the spears and blade of the guards, hemmed in and being pushed towards likely death, when…

From behind the embroiled fighters comes a war-cry: “For water! For Haaku!” Yerik and his dwarves have come to the aid of the slaves, and the warriors. Yarik shouts out “You go clear the way, we’ll hold these off!” and the dwarves descend on the gate guards killing them quickly. Mina grabs her sword from the corpse of the guard and charges forward, Marc, Kindrok, Varis and Haaku close behind.

In the courtyard outside of the pens stands Terric, the Templar in charge of the pens, with four guards lined up in front of him, and piles of various detritus hastily thrown together in a make-shift barrier. “Kalak’s blessing upon thee brethren!” he calls out, and the guards gleam with dark inspiration. Mina yells out to go after the guards on the end, in order to get to Terric. Lightning careens out of the sky towards Kindrok, but the shockingly agile half-giant sidesteps the bolt, and remains unharmed. Varis, in an inelven maneauver (reminding Kindrok of some of Quistine’s old tricks) leaps over the trash heaped around Terric and distracts Terric by attacking him with a flurry of blows from behind. Haaku rushes up and opens his vial, and silvery water spins out, knocking Terric to the ground.

Again, Terric calls on the lightning, and Varis delicately dances around it. Terric curses, and calls for help as Varis attempts to hit Terric again, missing him this time. Terric’s fist glows golden as he punches Varis in the face, and Varis stumbles, knocked off balance. Mina slips around the guards, and drives her sword into Terric’s gut. Kindrok keeps the guards engaged smashing them in the ribs and head with his sledgehammer. Terric shouts at Mina and Varis and the atmosphere thickens, like the air before a storm. Marc’s psychic energy crackles through the thickened atmosphere, and Terric shrieks in pain, before he falls, dead, at Marc’s feet. Marc cheers and places his foot on the Templar’s head. 

Haaku looks at the guards and says, “Your leader is dead. If you stay, we will kill you too, leave now, and you leave with oyur lives.” Mina, blood streaming down her face, smiles and raises her sword in victory, and threat. Varis, looking newly refreshed, places his left foot behind his right, preparing to strike again.

Battle map for freedom  session 19


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  • The fact that Yerik saved the party from a box trap where they were hemmed in by guards and being mauled by templars above should probably be mentioned.
  • Could use an editing onceover; coupla typos & such I didn’t mention.
Freedom, Session 19

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Yerik and Terric have pages now, by the way (I just made them).

Freedom, Session 19


Freedom, Session 19
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