Freedom Session 8

As the midday sun burns through Tyr a half-elf named Haaku is walking through the marketplace in the Elven Quarter. Two elves dressed in relative finery round a corner and encounter a half-elf beggar who accosts them for some aid - water, food, a piece of ceramic to help him make it through the night. The elves laugh at the beggar and begin to beat him for their pleasure and amusement.
Haaku becomes very agitated and attempts to intervene,
“Surely, gentleman, this is unnecessary, this poor soul simply needs a drink of water and a plate of food, I can aid him, if you’ll please just stop-”
But the unfriendly elves mock Haaku, “Ha! Another half-breed, spawn of a human slut!” and begin to beat Haaku as they had been beating the beggar.
“Actually,” Haaku says between blows, “My mother was an elf.”
Unfortunately this moment of wit fails to slow the elves’ blows. Haaku attempts to protect himself but manages only to create a pleasant breath of oasis air around the attackers. After only a couple of minutes Haaku is knocked unconscious.
Quistine, Kindrock and Haaku all are rudely awakened by a slap in the face. The horrendous odor of too many people in a small place on a hot day assaults their noses; the noise is almost a deafening hum of angry insistances, fearful pleading, and firm commands; as the light slowly drifts into their eyes they are able to make out the (familiar to Quistine and Kindrock) sights of the intake to the slave pits. Quistine howls in rage when she realizes where she is, again. All three are within sight and hearing distance of one another, and Quistine’s ears perk up when she hears Haaku explain that he has certain abilities to help those who are injured or sick. She looks in his direction and sees that he’s holding fast to some sort of necklace and he’s saying to the guards: “Wait, let me prove it, just bring one of those slaves that you’ve beaten over here and I can show you how the healing works!” On que, Quistine goes limp in the hands of the guard disrobing her. “Look,” Haaku gestures, “She’s just fainted, I can make her better.” The guards eye him suspiciously, but bring Quistine to him. Haaku holds open the vial that was hung around his neck, and pours a few drops of what appears to be water into Quistine’s mouth. The water spreads through her bruised body and soothes the aches and cuts, and then gathers itself back together, exits her body, and returns to the vial. Quistine ‘regains’ consciousness, seeming not only much refreshed, but surprisingly subdued and obedient. The guards tell Haaku to stay where he is, and Quistine quickly whispers her name to Haaku as she is led away
“Find me later,” she tells him.
After Haaku is allowed to keep his vial, the guards seeing it as potentially helpful later on, he and the other two are stripped of all valuables and clothing, deloused, and given a shift, a blanket, a waterskin and a loincloth. They manage to be in the same group assigned to the brick-making division of slaves and they are directed to the slave dwarf overseer. He instructs them as to their general duties, while Quistine stands mute, looking confused and vacant. The dwarf asks her if she knows common, and she speaks in Giant to Kindrock. “May I translate, sir?” Kindrock asks, and after a stern warning not to cause any trouble or practice any funny business the three are sent off to the slave quarters.
Quistine says they need to find a quiet place to talk, and Kindrock promptly walks up to the nicest shanty in the yard and shouts: “Here’s a good spot!” At which point several large men come out and begin to try to relieve the party of their precious few belongings. Quistine spots a lizard-looking shadowy with a long neck moving within the house and begins to shout out questions. As Kindrock threatens the men and Quistine goes to bite the arm of the advancing man who seems top be the leader, a voice calls out from inside:
“Hey, big man, let’s go, just you and me!”
“Huh? For what?” Says Kindrock
“For the house”

Kindrock quickly agrees to kill the shadowy man thing, and promptly grabs both posts holding up the awning, downing that part of the shanty, but equipping fairly useful weapons. The shadowy form comes out of the hut, and looks surprisingly like Vistna, although a different color, and therefore probably not Vistna. Quistine turns her blanket and waterskin into potential weapons and menaces the big leadery-looking guy. The dray grapples Kindrock, Kindrock handily breaks the hold and beats the dray with the awning-poles for a minute and the dray quickly gives up, offers friendship and declares war on his once-friends standing around. Kindrock agrees, and he, Quistine, and the dray attack the leader-looking person until he gives up and he and his friends slink away into the darkness.

Safely inside their new hut, Haaku, Quistine, Kindrock and the dray, whose name is Thraan, discuss potential plans for escape. Knowing that fighting is close to useless, they focus on potential distractions to allow for an escape through a weak spot. Quistine suggests the possibility of bribing their way out with information, but Haaku doesn’t seem to like the plan, so the focus is again on escaping via distraction and wiliness. As night draws on Thraan tells them they should rest or the next day will be nearly impossible. They drink their water and go to sleep.


Calion Soarcha83

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