The death and eventual revenge of Zar:
In the very basest part of Zar’s mind he knew he was going to die. The spear puncturing his liver and intestines, the blood on the sand and rock was all his. His blood spreading over the templar’s. He lost his blood, but he lived on. With the pole still in his hand, through pure psionic will, he struck out at the templar trying to land a blow, something to avenge his death, something to die for. As me moved the stick to strike, Zar felt the last of his body’s power spill out. Collapsing on the floor, his body died, but Zar continued. Zar thought only of Haku.

In the very deepest part of his mind, almost past his own mind beyond into something far grater, Zar lived. The window that aspect of elevated harmony cracked in his mind was blown open by the idea of Haku. Haku was the very first person since his father that Zar began to trust, only in death did Zar fully learn the first rule of Athans, trust no one. Zar brooded on Haku’s betrayal, his entire being becoming an energy of malice. The ideas of Haku and Hate fueled the force that was once Zar. Soon that force became aware of all the minds floating through and apart of his reality. Different minds, some glowing like his, some pulsating, all of them connected. Slaves, that Zar knew floated past him, like recognizing one on the street. Zar thought of Haku and he was there. There was Haku’s mind rippling like troubled water. So Zar decided to dissolve him self into Haku’s mind. Poisoning Haku’s water.

Zar is a medium sized Mul, almost skinny in comparison to his bulky-er fellows. However what he lacks in brawn he makes up for in endurance and smarts. He is usually grimy, having never known riches what use is a waste of water? He is bald, with various tattoos around and above his head. His one mark of vanity is a shiny cranium, which he usually polishes with a rag on hand and various animal renderings. Once you get past the forehead glare, you notice his bi-colored eyes one plain brown the other brilant green with a inner orange circle that burns softly when he uses psyonic powers.

Zar killed his mother when came out, something his dwarven father never forgave him for. He tried to raise him as his son, even taught him passable dwarven. In the end his pain, and debts, were to great and he sold his son off to the templars of Urik. At age 2
Zar was then sent into the gladiator training grounds. Killing his first person at 7 in a training accident that he was then beaten mercenary for. Zar had a long and hard childhood, consisting of trainings, beatings, hard cots, and meager meals. At 13 he was scheduled to have his first match against a much older and more trained teen half elf. During the match Zar first manifested his psyonic powers by blinding his adversary. However, not wanting to deal the killing blow he was sent to the pits.
In the pits he encountered a Monk who he thought was going to help him escape. However the monk took him to the monasteries of Urik in the mountians for training that was exponentially more oppressive. Zar was unsuited for both monk-hood and the indoctrination of god worship of Hamanu. Constantly questioning why anyone would ever want to be King of the World? Worse, Zar’s battle-mind powers do not gell well with Monk training. He is a defiantly square peg never to fit in a round hole. The night the heard that he was going to be branded with the “property of Hamanu” mark, Zar made plans for escape. Constantly sending himself to the discipline pits he waited until he was sent to the one closest to the walls of the monastery. There he used a power that the Monk’s neglected to teach him to creat a pik-axe with his mind and work away. In a rare bluff, he convinced the monk’s that that particular pit had more scorpions, so obviously they started to send him there as the pit of choice. After about a week, he finally escaped. With nothing but a monk robe and his wits.
Finding work in a merchant caravan, he was bounced around gaining a small amount of freedom and vague amount of money.
However, one night sleeping right when his caravan arrived in Tyr, he was drugged and woke up in the slave pits. After being restrained by 2 Templars after resigning to his fate he made the ‘best’ out of it waiting for excape.


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