Campaign map

The campaign overview map gives a rough view of the campaign area. The lack of detail on this map is deliberate; it represents roughly what an educated Athasian knows about the region he lives in. This is only one small portion of the world, but nothing is known about other areas; presumably they are even more barren and lifeless than the Tyr region (called such because Tyr is reputedly the oldest city in the region).

I have implemented something resembling a drill-down function in these maps; light blue markers Picture 5 can be selected to view a map of a smaller region, roughly centered on the marker. Dark blue markers, Picture 6 set in the top right corner of many maps, allow you to “drill up” to the next larger map. Suggestions to improve this (or anything else, for that matter) are welcome.

Red markers Picture 4 mark known locations; often there are wiki pages and/or local maps revealed when you select them.

Yellow markers Picture 3 in the center of a map lead to a wiki page about the map location; for instance, the yellow marker on the map of Tyr leads to information on the city of Tyr.

As the campaign continues, locations that the party has visited or becomes aware of will be added.

Campaign map

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