New Player Info

The site has become somewhat complicated, so I’ve decided to make a New Player’s Guide.

Required Reading

Important Resources

  • Every player should have a copy of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting Player’s Guide (If this link doesn’t seem to go anywhere useful, you need to be given access. Contact the DM).
  • Join our Yahoo group. That was once the sole home for SyDarkSun. I’ve moved most things over here, but there is a smattering of useful stuff left over there, particularly in the files and links sections. Plus, posting to the Yahoo group can be more convenient than posting to the forums. We used to have some really good conversations on the Group; I miss those.

Further Information

Read up on your character’s race and theme. If you want a better picture of Athas, check out our Athasian video and the Campaign map, and Athasian Phrases for some local color. Check out stories set on Athas to get an excellent feel for the setting. If you’re ready to dive into the intricacies of how the game world works, take a look at Metaphysics, Athasian spirits, and Athasian Calendar.

Lastly, if you’re wondering how you can help out, see ways to contribute to SyDarkSun.

New Player Info

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